This is my Home Dress

Tonight is our last night at the resort. I found out that the day job scheduled me Saturday. Not my day to work. Ffffuuucccck

I can’t text anyone so I had to go through Facebook until I found someone who I work with.

We did Japanese tonight.

I don’t like the food in this place. Beth cooks much better. Here it’s… ugh. Dorian loved it, but he could eat a live fish and think it was a great thing.

The dress I wore tonight is my favourite. I wear it at home and bend over as Dorian sputters, thinking I’m doing it on purpose.

Of course, I am.

The thing is, I’ve never worn this outside. Or… with a bra. Fuck.

At dinner, he nudged me. Ever so carefully, he made eye contact and tilted his head. So I looked over and discovered an older man eyeing me up like a piece of meat.

This never happens. So I looked down, then to Dorian. Who put a bit of food in his mouth and smiled at me, tilting his head ever so slightly the other way.

So I looked over and found the man’s wife. Not hard, considering she was trying to murder me with her eyes. 

“Oh my god, am I the hot one?” I asked, looking around the restaurant.

“I’d do you,” Dorian murmured behind his water glass.

We finished dinner. Ishk. Then up to the lobby to use the last of my Internet to try and track someone at work down.

Holy shit, looking up another man just… wtf.

Need to wear this dress more often.


We get up here, I’m on the net and Dorian leans over, tapping me gently.

“Aya, look down.”

So I look down. Now. My view is boob and more boob.

Then I see it. My bra, sticking out the side.

So I adjust as he laughs behind his glass and orders me another drink.

Someone isn’t getting laid tonight. In fact, I might just make him sleep on the porch!

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