Coffee and Blood

This world explores the supernatural races of the world.

The first trilogy is titled Wraith’s Rebellion, and revolves around Helen and Quin, an interviewer and a vampire held hostage by the secrets he keeps.

AtDeathsDoor    Cheating Deathwimage2    Death Mask

As of June 2017, the first two books are available on Amazon, and the third is in the process of being written. The book may be late for its August 9th tentative launch date by a few weeks.

The second trilogy is titled The Reaping, and revolves around Kaz, Ashley, and in a lesser part, Elysia. Vampires are being kidnapped off the street. Humans are blaming vampire on vampire violence and refuse to do anything about it.

Seed Red.jpg               Crop                   Harvest

As of February 2018, Seed and Crop are written and in various states of edits. Harvest is being written, looking at a summer release for Seed.


Other stories in the works:

The Special Boy: The witches have always been female, either in body or in mind, but always female. The male children of witches either live their lives separately, or they learn to help their sisters and mothers to hide what they can do. Once in a very long while, a child is born that the Oracle calls The Special Boy. The young Oracle is constantly in search of him, the Stone has, in the past, sought to destroy him, and the older Oracle has been placid, waiting to see the outcome before she judges.

The old Stone is dead, and a new Special Boy was born and grown in her final years. He loathes the title, considering the fact that he’s a full grown man, and dismisses the first, second, even the fourteenth message from the Witch Council to attend. So they send his great-aunt to collect him, except that doesn’t go as planned either.

With a Special Boy grown and obviously capable of keeping himself alive no matter what is thrown at him, the witches are baffled and stunned. What do they do with a man who holds all the magic of a witch, but none of the connection?


The Omega: Awakened one night, beside a man she didn’t know with a belt around her neck and a needle in his arm, Jane is confused and in pain. As her bed partner awakes, she takes action to protect herself, then flees. She remembers nothing of her past, or of the present day, and because of her behaviour is picked up and placed under psychiatric care. Her file reads that she is suffering from supernatural mania.

Jane believes she’s a werewolf.

Except real werewolves don’t follow the myths that humans believe, having cultivated those myths for thousands of years. No one believes her, not until someone lets slip about Lucrecia and her position as ambassador to the vampires, and Jane takes matters into her own hands. Even Lucrecia doesn’t believe at first, but then Jane utters a name long forgotten to history: Ulia.

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