Fourteen years ago, two worlds locked together since time immemorial discovered they had been linked to a third. The one responsible was a teenager, brash, stupid, emotional and with all the angst and temper one expects from a damaged soul. No one took her seriously, they tried to take her world.

But she stood firm, she fought her wars and picked her battles, showing at every turn that she was a creature to be reckoned with… even if she swore like a sailor, didn’t quite know how to walk like a lady, and succumbed to the charms of one of the men who claimed to have been made by her.

Now the world has claimed independence, is setting up governing bodies, taxes, public services, all the things a world requires to be seen as independent. Only one problem though:

The other two worlds have been stealing people who the woman created, hiding them away in order to harness the powers that the woman gifted them to protect her world. Now she knows.

And she wants them back.


This series will not follow the trilogy setup as the other worlds, instead visiting on a couple for a book, perhaps two. The titles attached to the works are all working titles and subject to change. They are mainly links back to the world and stories until I am able to work on them.


The first book is titled Prototype and follows Maggie as she is removed from her life and her home, to a whole new world filled with magic and laws of nature that bend to her will. She doesn’t know the laws, she doesn’t know the customs, and no one can figure out why when Maggie laughs the world gets a little brighter.


The second book is titled Mire and follows Mire. Created to be a weapon, Mire is looked down on by outsiders, and those of Aurora don’t quite know how to handle the soft spoken man. As the world learns of his construction, and what he was meant to do, his position isn’t bettered at all.

Created during the last war, Mire is a weaponized prototype. He was built to be the end of a war that seemed to go on forever, to destroy the enemies of Aurora. But the Lady preaches choice, she says that even created to do something, he has a choice to make. To give in to the darkness, or to walk in the light.

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