The Ethereal

The Ethereal is a world in which demons and angels have fought over Earth since the creation of the world.


The first trilogy are three separate books, and they revolved around the Angelica brothers. On the surface, their job is to save as many humans as possible, whether that is by performing exorcisms or delivering a mercy and sending the human to their Father’s Kingdom. But each of the brothers is bound to Earth, having committed sin in the beginning of creation. The only way for them to return home is to right their wrong, to fix the mess they had made.

Oh, and the only sure way to rid a human of a demonic possession without risking long term damage is orgasm, in the human not the angel. It’s the turning it off then on again of the possessed world.


HisGrace      Image2   

As of February 2018, The Ethereal is Closed. There are no current plans to finish the trilogy. It may be reopened in a year or so to complete His Halo, but there is no firm plan.

His Grace: Publication date October 25, 2017. His Wings: Publication date April 8, 2018.

It is the duty of Sam Angelica, and his brothers, to safeguard the souls of mankind. They spend their days visiting Sam’s club, picking out possessed humans, and freeing them of their demons. The brothers are very good at what they do, having perfected their methods time.

Grace Williams is the target of multiple possessions. It falls on Sam to figure out why the cute, innocent young woman is being hunted by demons when she presents none of the usual signs. She’s just a human who insists on working hard to meet her goals. As far as demonic hosts go, she’s about as far from one as a human could be.

He was just supposed to save her soul, but the more time Sam spends with Grace, the more he thinks about her, graving the taste of her lips and the warmth of her skin under his fingertips.


His Wings: tentative launch date December 6th, has not been started yet but still on schedule. This book revolves around Ralph and Mike, the brothers who have fought since the dawn of time. They are opposites, never agreeing on anything.

Until they meet Sera. Then both agree that she was made for them. Their fight could very well herald the end of times. Can they learn to put aside their differences for the woman they love?


His Halo: Tentative launch date February 7th, 2018, has not been started yet but still on schedule. This book revolves around Gabe, the last brother to go untested. Gabe has been invaluable in the fight against demonic possessions, with his ability to dream walk and plant a suggestion, then leave and let the imagination do the rest. He’s very good at reading people, but puts in the minimal effort when meeting humans because their lives are so short. It’s not that he doesn’t care, but that each time he gets close to someone, they die of old age and it seems but a moment in his life. His heart has been broken time and again.

One day while walking the streets of his city, he sees a familiar face. That of a witch burned during the Inquisition, a woman he had visited in secret, without the knowledge of his brothers. The woman who was the very reason the angels forged an alliance with the witches and were able to do all they had done.

Except, she goes by Hailey now, and she says she doesn’t know him. He can’t read her, but Gabe has never seen such replication of a face and body, even her laugh and her humour. He can’t tell if she’s human, or demon, and time is running out.

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