The Coven

The Coven is set in the Coffee and Blood world. It is a sub-series within the world and is a little unique compared to the others as there is no plan for vampires to be involved but for in rumour or second-hand stories.

This sub-series will revolve around the formation of a coven in modern day, Eastern Canada. It will start with the working title project The Special Boy, which is a term given to certain males born with magic. They are called Special Boy as a title because only one has made it to adulthood, except his magic was so low and so diluted that he was more human than witch.

The Special Boy is planned to take part in New Brunswick and PEI, though the rest of the sub-series could vary throughout the country like the rest of the stories.

As this will deal with witches, I am ‘putting off’ writing The Special Boy just for a little while, as I talk with the witches on what their magics are. While the rules of magic are written out, this will be on the back burner.

Rosalyn from Wraith’s Rebellion and Charlotte from The Reaping will both be making an appearance in The Coven with Charlotte likely being the main character in one of the stories.