As I receive questions, this page will be fleshed out.

Why are only some of your books available on Kindle Unlimited?

I’m still learning where I belong when it comes being published. Kindle Unlimited offers some great options to authors. I’ve been feeling out different ways of doing things. So far this has resulted in books being pulled from Kindle Unlimited six months out.

Some books may end up remaining because they have a steady page read. I may in the future return a book, or a series to Kindle Unlimited, but at this point have no plans to do so.

Can you return *insert book title* to Kindle Unlimited, I want to re-read it!

I love your enthusiasm, but unfortunately that’s just not possible. I encourage all my readers to purchase a copy of the book they want to read from a trusted retailer. Either in ebook form so you have a backup, or the paperback copy.

Do not Google my name or the book and then go to one of those ‘pdf’ sites. They are not safe and frankly I’m surprised they think I garner enough attention to even try such a thing. Buy your copy, barring that, sign up for the newsletter, Facebook, follow on Twitter, all those things and there are sometimes giveaways. Once a quarter, a book will go on free on Kindle Unlimited, get a copy then for when it’s pulled from the program and goes broad. There are lots of options to get my book.

Why are you always asking for reviews?

Because I won’t pay for them the way some authors have been known to, which means they pay others to write false reviews. The number of reviews determine where I can market my books and who will accept me. They also tell other readers how much you like my book and can help me sell more.

I know, I know, you’re doing work for me, why is that? But reviews make the indie book world go round. By getting more reviews, I can sell more books, selling more books means I’m closer to being able to pay my rent from writing alone, which brings me closer to quitting my day job.

If I can quit my day job, I can write a book a month, maybe two once I get the practice of it. These are full length books too, not a ten thousand word novella. That means more books for you and a great deal of happiness to be doing what I love all the time for me.

So, please, leave a review on the books you read and tell others what you thought of them.

Can we have another book in *insert world*?

That depends on what I’m working on. Interest in a world can redirect attention to it, which can make a book show up in the world. However, I do have a list of books and an order I’m supposed to be writing them in. Currently, I have my writing blocked out until November, and then on again until about March of 2018.

That’s right, I am looking for a project for NaNoWriMo.

What’s Mr. Wrightworth’s name? Why won’t you tell us?

Characters aren’t just dolls for me. He’s asked that his name not be shared, and I’ve respected that request. In response to that, we’ve opened a discussion about a solo book for him that would fall under the Contracted umbrella. I can’t share any details because they may change, all I can say is that it revolves around his meeting Oberon and the time between when he left his family and when Nathaniel’s father refound him.

If that book is written, there is a chance that his name will make it into the book, uttered by the devil himself.

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