There are many worlds across many universes. Only one Universe is in use at the moment, and that is in a ‘little’ story called Home.

Stories can be sparked very easily. Something as simple as passing by a flyer that reads, “Psychic Brain Death,” can set off a chain of events inside my mind. Though, I think that flyer was for some kind of band.

I hope.

Worlds evolve from stories as I write them. Two worlds existed before I started writing the stories for those worlds, which are being published. Aurora, and Daughters of the Alphas, which could be why I’m not chasing after these worlds, trying to get them to stick around. I know they’ll be back, they’ve been around for years.

If you see a world and want a story in that world, yes, you can contact me about it. No, you cannot start making a suggestion unless you are saying you’d like me to write The Special Boy above The Omega for writing. If you ask a question, we may end up having a conversation.

“What the hell is an Archivist?”

Or, alternatively: “Could you write a story about the Archivist?”

What will not work is “Could you write a story about a guy with this background and a girl of that background?” I’m sorry, it doesn’t work like that, but you can make requests within the existing worlds. The reason you can ask about worlds is because I’m probably already dabbling in that thing, but I haven’t written it because I don’t know if anyone besides myself would be interested.

Nearly every character that appears in my worlds is ‘tagged’ sort of like a blog post. They have all this information linked to them and there are some little things constantly sliding around and trying to fit into a story.

For the most part, though, I just go where my muses lead me. I was supposed to write Prototype and Fragments, but then His Grace up and slid right in there. In that case, I blame Gabriel. That opening scene played through my head for about three weeks before he and I got in a shouting match, and I ended up doing what he wanted, if only to shut him up.

When I was completing Death Mask, my idea had originally been to write Prototype on my phone, in a more focused atmosphere than on the computer. I then made a mention on my Facebook Page about possible trilogies for that world and one thing led to another, and The Reaping had to happen first.

I have many worlds and lots, and lots of stories to tell. However, my time is limited, as of the writing of this, I still need to work a full-time job in order to keep a roof over my head. That’s not a pity party, but a begging for understanding. I am writing just as fast as I can, and I intend to keep it up, but I need to keep me safe and comfortable, and that means devoting a lot of time to a day job.

Which means you may not see your favourite story written right away.

Of course, if you are one of those determined to get all the stories you can, well… you can review the book on the site that you bought it from and on Goodreads. Even one review can go a long way.

Or tell your friends, family, co-workers.

But in the meantime, I’m going to keep writing, and keep working, and keep threatening to beat my muses in frustration.

If only they didn’t enjoy the beatings so much.

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