Daughters of the Alphas

Alphas are genetically superior men. Alphas have existed for as long as humanity has, Alphas were once the leaders, then the warriors, and finally the fuel for the industrial and technological revolutions. Then someone went and poked the beast in the eye, tried to enslave the Alphas, saying that they were nothing, they had no part in the new world.

A civil war erupted, which the Alphas won like they always do. In the years following, the rules are changing. Alphas are no longer happy being the top of the food chain, they dislike how the women look at them and sneer because there’s another man, ruling their world. They worked and plotted, and did everything in their power to bring back the female of their kind, which had existed long before civilization.

For all their troubles, they bred two female Alphas, and they learned why the females died off.

Hell hath no fury…

The women were more dangerous than their male counterparts. As the females grew, the males retrieved every bit of tradition they could find and latched onto anything referring to the females or women of the families. They talk between the families of the mothers and daughters, giggling like children over the idea of the female Alphas birthing daughters and becoming mothers.

Never realising that, just as the male Alphas would never be referred to as father and son, the females were never Mother or Daughter.

And then they met Rachel.


In the first book of the series, okay, there’s a lot of information dumping. I’m sorry. Rachel is paired with Morgan and was supposed to make like a woman who was tossed at a hot male.

This is how weird the daughters are.

Rachel fights Morgan every step of the way, but goes along with his traditions in the hopes of seeing justice be served to the man who killed her father, raped her mother and sister, then cast her mother to the streets. He’s also the same one who has been trying to do the same to her, has stripped away the identity of more than one woman, breaks all his breeders, and all that makes any human bad. She has trust issues, which are understandable given her history.

The Alphas seem to know everything, even about the only set of identical twins born with the companion gene: her and her sister. But no one can answer the simplest question that they ask her over and over again, “what are you?”

Fragments- new text.jpg

Fragments goes live on Amazon May 9th, 2018

My name is Rebecca, you may know of my sister, Rachel? I’ve been told her story, how she ran around claiming to be a faerie, beat up a bunch of Alphas and then broke the man who had broken me. Several days after those events, I woke whole, beside a man I had never met, with no memories of what happened.
They tell me that I agreed to it, that there was no other way. They even had a video to show me, but that doesn’t make a body feel any better.
I lost two years of my life. Like coming out of a coma, I woke to a changed view. Children I didn’t want, a broken family. I don’t even recall my father’s death. How does one even begin to pick up the pieces from that?
Rachel and I are back together. She’s promised never to leave me again, but we have different wants. The Alphas have already begun circling like sharks, wanting to draw her blood but unable to tell us apart. Few of them can look at the pair of us and know which is which.
I know what I want in the immediate future. Everyone thinks I’m broken. My therapist says I want what I know will heal me. But I have attractive males fighting for my attention, willing to do anything for me. Those who aren’t willing to kneel want to end us both, Rachel and I because they don’t know what to do with us and it’s all just so…
Alphas, you know?

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