Once More With Feeling

Formatting troubles aside, the overwhelming feeling that this is going to fail like everything else I’ve tried over the past year or so is attempting to suffocate me again.

It’s that time of year again, when I reflect on what I’ve done this past year, but we’re not going to do that because reasons. I’m also supposed to make plans for the next year and lay out all the stories and my plan for getting it all published.

We’re not quite doing that this year.

I want to do a bit of a modified 12-in-12. It turned out pretty well last time, I thought, and I got a lot of books done. The idea of doing it again caused a great deal of excitement until I sat down to plan it out and got that low down feeling again.

I never follow the plan, so why plan it out, I think was the point. Dunno, super wish it’d shut up and die already, though.

My very initial plan was to stream and vlog the experience. Might be good for someone out there to see the way I do things. Might help them sort out their own plans on publishing? But a vlog takes editing and that’s a new skill.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be willing to learn. It’s just I wouldn’t have the time, it’s adding something else to my plate that I would need to do and let’s just roll back on the stressors a bit.

I’ve done some livestreams and have gotten wrapped up in the viewers possibly being bored. That’s a stupid way of doing it. Well, doing it for writing specifically. So, I’m debating keeping that in there and livestreaming my work, basically. The videos are only supposed to stay up for two weeks but I now see they’re twenty-five days old and still there. I have a gaming channel too and all the videos from after fourteen days have disappeared.

Now I’m more than a little confused…

That being said, I want the first book to launch in March but that’s not a book that’s going to be written during the challenge. I want Mars Red to launch in March. And I want to start writing December 1.

Which means I need to get Mars Red edited. Right.

I also want to make several box sets. “Smart people” have box sets. It’s just more work piecing it all together and then I get wrapped up in the fact that I don’t think it’s very good and it makes me grumpy. Blah, blah, blah.

But the plan was to make boxsets so I should do that. Listen to myself when I make these plans because they’re good plans. I loved the 12-in-12. It gave me purpose besides staring at a computer screen and spending way too much time thinking about how and why people never seem to like me.

So, let’s drive some danged purpose back into my days.

Part of the livestream purpose was to get me back into writing. It’s like an accountability thing. If I feel like you are expecting me to keep my promise, I will. But if I just make a promise to myself well… maybe I could play a little more of a game I’m not actually enjoying to fill my time instead of doing something I’d really like to do.

If you are a reader, call out a book, a series, a world you’d like added to. I’ve got all the universe to play in.

What I’d like to do? I’d like to write four books in the new Shadows series and publish them one after the other from April to July. I’d like to write Kaz and maybe the first in that witch series for Coffee and Blood. I’d like to write Suicide by Pluck and its sequel. Full stop, it seems that’s just a duo of books but it’s… a thing.

So. December 1st, I start writing again. Shadow of Coventry is my first month. Eight chapters are already written and there may be dice involved. But so help me, it’s going to get finished and other books will follow.

And soon.

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