Today was the best yet. So hot. We went swimming a couple times and the last time I came upon Dorian with that same grin on his face.
“It’s cold, why are you happy?” I asked.

“You know what’s nice?” He asked.

“No,” I said, swimming closer. 

“Peein’ in da ocean,” He said.

“OH MY GOD,” I shouted, swimming away from him.

“She’s doing it,” he said. And he vaguely motioned to a woman. 

Who got in the ocean, got it over her waist, then seemed to make a face and get out again.

Oh my god.

“Pee, Aya,” Dorian said.

“Fuck you, and your fucking face.”

We came up with a compromise, but oh my god. If you ever go someplace tropical, look around. Someone is probably peeing. 

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