Writing, My Dear Friend

I’ve missed writing, I really have. Beth warned me that editing was time consuming and I didn’t doubt her. The return to writing is like great sex. 

Due to the throat infection, I have been very slow. Yesterday I actually slept until two in the afternoon, and was exhausted by my usual bedtime. Today my throat doesn’t hurt as much. I don’t sniffle as much.

My legs ache something terrible though. I walked with Beth for over an hour Monday night. We met up at a store and she walked me home before heading for her own. Beth doesn’t exactly set a slow pace, and thanks to a bum leg won’t walk at anyone else’s pace.

Not that I blame her. She simply can’t walk faster and if she walks slower she ends up limping for days. I’m fairly used to her pace, but not with packing around items as I’m going her pace.

She makes me feel like a lazy bum sometimes.

After getting up yesterday, I kind of used my sore legs as an excuse not to do much. I sat picking away at chapter two of D.o.t.A while watching television.

Today I almost did chapter three. The latter two pages were lifted straight from the original, so tomorrow morning I need to work them over while I drink my morning coffee. 

The chapters are longer this time around. Rachel tells a bunch, but I swear it’s all bitter and sarcastic. 

“Well, I wouldn’t be in this position if the Dom hadn’t killed my father. An act that was illegal until twelve years before.” 

I think that ‘ending’ for Morgan’s story wasn’t the end, I think it was the beginning which could be interesting. 

We’ll see. As I write Rachel’s story, Morgan’s will come to me.

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