Maybe it’s the Fever

But the end of Morgan’s story has come to me. It’s dark, sure, but it still amuses me to no end.

Of course I don’t have paper to jot things down because I only reminded myself sixteen times to bring a notebook with me.

And I’m going to be pretty near to late for work. Civic holiday but the only thing actually effected by it is the bus schedule.

… then it’s really not a civic holiday, now is it? 

I completely phased on it being a holiday, my fault for not realizing. Though, I’d like to blame what kind of feels like a fever. 

I don’t like being almost on time, it makes me anxious. What if the bus breaks down?

The one plus side of riding late is I did catch a bus with a man wearing a three piece, tailored suit. Just a little scruffy. Morgan’s a little scruffy almost constantly. He just doesn’t care. All the other Alphas are going around in suits and ties with their estates and sports cars.

Then there’s Morgan. “I only own a sports car because my father left it to me in his will and I can’t afford another. Da also says that if I sell or break it, he’ll break me.” 

Most of what Morgan does do is because his ‘Da’ (afford Alpha who is older and had a hand in raising him, who he is a dependant of) had an image to maintain. 

About four times in the original draft, Morgan motions between him and Rachel and says, “very different worlds.” 

As in, they grew up with vastly different expectations. Even the differences between Morgan’s upbringing and that of the Alphas Rachel knows are two separate worlds. 

One is an example of basically everything you’d fear would come from people like this. The other is what they were really meant to be. The first only even exists because the dust is still settling, everyone is still finding their places and young Alphas like Morgan, coming into their own, are not certain which traditions they should and should not question.

Or, perhaps they haven’t challenged the bad Alphas because they haven’t been given a reason to yet.

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