Shut up and do What I Told you to do!


Stupid with the stupid and the stupid!

I’ve spent a better part of the morning trying to set up MailChimp. Okay, so the setting up was easy (but do you have to give my address? Really? Ugh) but the trouble is that I can’t get it on WordPress and had difficulty getting it on Facebook. Let alone setting up emails.

See, for some bloody reason it’s no longer about adding html. WordPress has a text widget which is supposed to let you put html onto the widget to create whatever. At least, that’s the way it sounds.

But that’s not the case.

No, that little “add html” widget has never worked for me. I have a brain, I have basic, minor control over html.

Oh, and I literally copy and paste. Copy and paste from there to here.

Beth has her Goodreads Author page linked to her blog. Apparently that’s no longer an option? Because try as we might, we can’t get it to work on mine (set up two years later, give or take a bit).

Don’t even get me started on this other thing I was actually trying to get to work today, which was a way to sell little stories through my blog or website or both. It comes highly recommended, so I figured I’d give it a go. It said to sign up, then download. I do and then nothing happens.

So I look up how to and it takes me to a blank page that… tells me to register and then download.

So frustrating.

And Rachel? My new MC? Stopped working. Why, you might ask, why would a character go off the rails and stop responding?

Because there’s no chance of interacting with Morgan, her male counterpart.

Whining, bratty, stupid, insignificant little…

Sometimes characters go off script. Actually, they go off script all the time with me, but at least they stay within the bounds of the boxes I set up. Rachel is basically sitting in a clothing rack (you know those circular ones?) hiding from the other two she is with because she wants Morgan but isn’t going to tell them she wants him so the chapter isn’t moving because I can’t get her out of the stupid clothing rack!

Because in the chapter, the clothing rack isn’t even mentioned. She’s not supposed to be there, this isn’t supposed to be happening. What is supposed to be happening is stuck in place thanks to her hiding in the damned clothing.

Somehow, I have got to get out of this funk. I need to get moving so that I can finish this chapter and then do the descriptions, then write the next chapter. Etc and on down the line.

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