It’s Not Fair!

Sick, sinus and throat infection thanks to “obvious irritation of the mucosal linings” or something like that. I’m not supposed to be around most fragrances. It’s not necessarily that I’m allergic, so much that my body basically has a hissy fit when subjected to it for too long.

Thanks for the reminder, guy.

I can’t afford to be sick, I’ve got a book to write.

Instead of writing, I’m basically staring off at nothing because it’s left me with no energy whatsoever. It had started by Friday but didn’t really hit me until yesterday as I was trying to deal with a client who was wearing a regular amount of cologne.

I almost threw up, then got dizzy. Stupid body having a stupid tantrum.

Dorian has not gotten me wine, obviously I need to recover before wine or writing or any amount of fun happens. He’s also headed back to work, so I’m being a whiney ninny because I’m suffering alone.

If you don’t count Trixie, Grover, and my stuffies.

Yes, I am a grown woman in a relationship (gasp, I can say that now!) and I sleep with stuffies. Though I move them for Dorian. Stuffies are like body pillows for me, except more awesome.

And when you are feeling lonely, sad, and you’re all by yourself, you can cuddle them while you watch television.

I know Beth has stuffies, but she hides them if she has company coming over, which is about as ridiculous as could be. Of all the things an adult has to be “ashamed” of, an adorable, soft, stuffed animal is not one of them.

Because of the sickness, I’ve managed to arrange for tomorrow off, which will mean I work straight through to the weekend. But as of tonight, I can sleep until sometime late Wednesday morning. Sleep is a marvelous help when my body’s having a tantrum. It’s like a timeout, except the body enjoys it.

I’d rather be writing. Except when I tried to re-setup the second chapter, Rachel, the MC, got kind of drunk and started stumbling around before she collapsed. Which could be a side effect of writing first person, I don’t know for certain, as I’ve never tried writing first person while sick.

The new setup for the office/ “living room” is freaking amazing.

My old setup had me in one corner, but flat against the wall, with the TV er… kiddie corner? Diagonally across an entertainment center set against the wall.

The new setup, the TV is a little higher, which could become annoying. But it’s straight ahead of me. I just have to move the couch in. It’s actually pretty light (thanks Ikea) so I can do it myself, but I’ve been so freaking exhausted.

I also need to figure out a lighting system. The overhead lights shine directly on the TV and can’t be moved. Nice fixture, but if I want it and the TV on at the same time, I’m not really going to be able to watch TV. There’s also a lamp at the bedside, which is okay, but lends more of a twilight and sometimes I want a brighter light.

I’ll figure it out. But first, work a shift and then sleep a day and a half.

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