Week One (Day Four)

I am so freaking tired. These long days and no days off are not great for my anything. I am so tired I  was in tears this morning. The not knowing when my next day off could be what’s pushing me so far. The last time I did this, I had two days off in a row every two weeks. No exceptions.

Keyboarding hit a bad habit of mine. It may be compensation. The period is supposed to be struck with the L key. I hit it with my pinky. The why is pretty simple. Moving the ring finger can mean striking the K key at the same time because my joints lock up.

That and shift keys. I like using one hand to shift. Apparently I’ve been doing it backwards.

Sometimes the index finger on my left hand doesn’t want to move. It’s not that it’s stuck (I actually have the most problems with the right) it just doesn’t want to move. The middle finger then goes up to hit the R key. Not all the time either. Oh, but if the middle finger is stuck or hovering over the E key, the left index has no problem hopping on over. And hitting the D key for me.

I know I am going to have more trouble coming up. I have trouble hitting the comma with the middle finger. All my fingers have to be off the keyboard because something about how that knuckle moves means I sometimes get JL; when I try to hit it.

I’m still trying to do it the way we are being taught. Either new movement, exhaustion, or colder weather has caused the hot fuzziness to come back into my joints. Every time I get frustrated I shout at myself (in my head, not out loud as that would disrupt the class)


You know how there’s always that one teacher you don’t like? The one course you hate?

I don’t have that. It’s a little weird, but all the instructors are genuinely nice people and I have no issues with any of them. I wish a couple would speak up but I need to learn how to listen to them, work on my listening comprehension.

My only ‘issue’ is writing insisting on having us write things out by hand. Then the issue is only that my hand aches by the end and I feel like I lose notes because I become distracted by my hand.

Also: a work sheet said ‘each’ is a pronoun and I couldn’t make it make sense to me. Each does not refer to a person, it modifies the noun or pronoun so therefore it equals an adjective. I thought.

I did the reading for chapter two of accounting, because I know how I learn, annnnd accounting may now be a problem. My saving grace was the fact that I work with someone who happened to take an accounting course before. The instructor would probably tell me to wait for the lesson but I know me. The moment we hit the problem terms I would have stopped listening.

Now I’ve had time to process them even though I still don’t quite understand. But because I had a little time to process, rather than shut down, hearing those terms will make me pay more attention.

Math they want some kind of silly estimating and rounding. I was looking forward to drills of hard math. Once I realized I do estimates in math at work all the time, my grumbling lowered to that of a mumble. I can find the drills I want online. I just don’t have the time.

Computer science seems too easy, which worries me. I must be missing something. I did learn how to use the start menu on Windows 10 though, and to snap windows side-by-side, so there’s that.

There’s just interpersonal still to be had this week. I’ve chosen a book to read, My aunt had an e-book of it so I’m set there, but I need to wait until tomorrow so I know what I’m reading for.

I also need to choose an encouraging quote.

“Shut up and get the fuck off the pot” would only be acceptable for a private quote. Others in my repertoire are, “Why would we do that to ourselves?” and “Just do it” and “What are you, some kind of sparkly princess who needs her hand held?”

Like, I don’t think I’m one to ask for personal motivational quotes. I’m nasty and sarcastic. The amuse me and get me moving, therefore they are motivational.

“Try, try, again.” just makes me roll my eyes. Along with most of the motivational posters and saying.

My planner has a point though: Make It Happen.

That’s the nice way to say shut up and just do it already, right?

Anyhow, thanks for reading. I’ve actually been using this as keyboarding practice. So, I guess I’ll update a little more often than initially thought.

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