Week One (Day Two)

The work schedule for next week has finally come out and I’m working Sunday (guess what I’m not supposed to be doing?) as soon as I saw it, I almost started crying. It’s not working for twenty-one to forty-eight days straight. I do that all the time.

It’s that I was made a promise.

My first and second days of class, I ate by myself. I actually sat there thinking, “I won’t bite you.” And no one sat with me. So Friday, I sat with the person who has got to be just about the person who has got to be just about the bubbliest person in the class. She was sitting with an older (than me) lady who is also in our class.

We got to talking a little about our backgrounds and I shared that I just so happen to have a grasp on everything we’re doing this semester and I feel confident about the classes.

Our group went up to eight… and filled the table.

The bubbly woman used to be a licensed nurse (in Canada we have licensed and registered nurses, licensed is higher) in an operating room, assisting (is that the right word?) with neurosurgery. Due to an accident she can no longer do that work, so she’s in the program to get as close to it as possible.

Freaking neurosurgery. And then there’s me over here with my, “oh, I wrote and published fifteen books, I’m special.” and she’s helped save lives.

She sort of helps the conversation along, so I kind of get help with my conversational skills (they are not great) and a bit of a distraction.

I’ve been honest about how I’m doing because if they need help, and I can help… I’ll help.

Soft skills are important.

I also said, after saying I have a grasp on this semester, that I looked ahead and will have a trouble next semester.

I might not. My only concern is medical terminologies but it’s possible I’ll eat that up like I do all new information.

TLDR: all my homework is done, so far, saw my schedule and got super frustrated. So, thanks for listening.

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