Contract Claimed

Is my November, NaNoWriMo novel. The cat was kind of out of the bag at the beginning of November for this one. It is (currently) on Smashwords for reader sets price.

Will has already gone off script. Now I’m eager to get to a part where Mr. Wrightworth beats him because I don’t like when characters do that from the get go.

Until April at least, I work every Wednesday afternoon/night. I’m hoping I can use this to my advantage for my weekly updates. Now I just have to get in that habit.

So, what’s going on with Contract Claimed?

Well, when I was sick back at the beginning of October, I had a fever dream that started about chapter two. Will dangling from the ceiling. That was my introduction to him and I’m trying to…

Oh, I think I might know how to work that into the first line. Hopefully. It’s a better hook that “it was a normal night being a pickpocket prostitute high on drugs.”


I have my tablet with me and my usb. I will likely work on it on breaks at work. It’s not pornographic in the beginning, just disturbing. Could be a horror. Suspense, maybe?

Anyhow. Besides that I haven’t got much of an update. It just started and I was late moving because I may have a throat infection thanks to this weekend.

Super tired, but 1400 words in an hour is still pretty good for being tired.

I need something like 2500 words a day to make my goal for the next year. Which is significantly lower than my typical goal of 3000. I am definitely still on track for making that.

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