Giveaway Rules and Such…

I’m running a contest to give away a signed copy of the Contracted Trilogy. So three books to one person, shipped from my home, to you. I haven’t signed them yet, as you may ask for a personalized message. The rules are as follows:

Must live in North America, or have a North American mailing address. Obviously to receive the books you would have to share that address but I will not share it with anyone else. About two seconds after writing it, I’ll probably forget it anyhow.

Contest will run from February 21st to March 21st, so a full month, to give time to everyone to enter. Links will be added to this page as I get the items up and going.

Ways to enter:

Share this publicly on Facebook – this has to be public or I won’t receive the notification, which means I won’t know you entered. As far as I know, only shares on the original post will be sent to my notifications. So I very strongly encourage you to head to the original post and share that one, not one you’ve seen on Facebook.

Like the Facebook post – simple enough.

Follow my author page – new follows only, sometimes Facebook doesn’t tell me who has followed my page, so if you’d really like to make certain, drop me a line after liking.

Join the mailing list. – new joins only. The mailing list probably popped up when you visited the blog, it can also be found on Facebook.

Retweet this on Twitter – link coming soon.

The rules are pretty simple, but it does tend to leave out those who have already done some things! So if you’ve made it this far down the rules blog, here’s another way to enter: If you’ve read Contract Taken, you can leave a review on Amazon for the book. If you’ve already done that, you can review on Contract Broken. You may need to claim the review, but to do so you just need to send me a notice.

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