Getting Back to Work

So, Christmas Eve I went to Dorian’s. I have no family in the area, his parents went away for the holiday so his brother is coming over and we’re doing Christmas dinner at his place.

Beth is cooking (thank goodness).

The original plan was to have me cook…

I walked into Dorian’s place and the gifts were already under the tree, so I added mine to the pile. We went to bed, slept, and got up in the morning. Then we did stockings and breakfast per tradition. When it came time to open the presents, all went well.

Until Dorian pushed a suspiciously large box at me.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Open it.”



“What is that?”

“Oh, wine, this should go in the fridge.”


“Open it, Darling, that’s an order.”

Fucker bought me a computer tower.

That was also when he announced that, instead of the plan he had set out beforehand, we were actually going to have dinner at my place instead of his. My place is closer to Beth’s (and she’s bringing the turkey) but I strongly suspect it had something to do with the setup and updating of my new tower, rather than actually making things easier for Beth.

What with the fact that Dorian has a vehicle and could have gone to pick her up and all.

We got the tower to my place and discovered that my monitor and the new tower won’t talk. Looks like I’m headed out, possibly tomorrow, to buy an adapter, but at least that’s all I need. A forty dollar item versus the eight hundred or so I was looking at to get a computer that was actually decent.

So I can get back to work. Probably not today, or tomorrow. Or even the next day…

Because I’m going to play video games. Relax a little, and try not to think about the workload that is now looming over me.

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