Computer Failure

My desktop, salvaged from Dorian’s brother during his upgrade, has utterly failed. I get a black screen that says there’s an error, it asks me to press enter. I do and I receive two options, start normally or repair. Going to either of those options takes me back to the first screen.

I’m not… but… if I always go back to the beginning how can I fix this?

So that’s sadness in a bottle for me.

That reduces me to a mobile phone, mind you a newer one, and an old tablet. The tablet has a keyboard attachment, but the problem with the keyboard is that it’s tiny.

This blog post is actually a test of the keyboard to see if I can work my head around it so that I can at least do writing while this all happens.

Relatives often send a few dollars for Christmas. I have some meagre funds that I’ve been scraping together as the start of a savings account. Come January, I believe I start receiving royalties from Contracted. Each little bit isn’t much, but I’m hoping all together it will be enough for me to even get one of those cheapos off Amazon.

Then I can keep working.

Which means until Christmas I cannot work.

Dorian looked at me, sighed, then tried to chastise me for not taking his money. He asked what I planned on doing now, just going back to the day job when writing made me so… (and he paused there, I know he did even though he denied it) happy?

I told him my plan, and to be off until Christmas.

His response was, “Oh. Nifty.”

Oh, Dorian, you’ve never seen me off writing and without access to computers and/or games.

Neither have I, now that I think about it.

So, over the next two to three weeks, all I can do is write. I have three stories on the go, because I was a stupid head and read up on the Oracle of Delphi (?) and then it just popped into my mind.

Yes, I called myself a stupid head, deal with it.

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