Part Two

Dorian’s being mean to me!

We went through the zoo with the other couple and I now have her number. He was just visiting from out of town and we were right, it was an “I’m old and need to settle.” Dorian very quietly let her know that there’s an entire group of men she hasn’t explored yet. 

She had decided against this particular man the night before he arrived. She was talking to her mother about some odd behaviour and her mother informed her that her father behaved in a similar fashion.

Apparently not a father of the year, type of guy.

She was also told that times have changed and that that behaviour could simply be the same norm. But could she see herself happy? 

I guess her response was no. Not that I blame her. I find him entirely annoying.

To the point that I made a couple of smart assed comments and earned myself three strikes. As in, I came home in trouble because I couldn’t help but call him a stupid, narcissistic douchebag. 

In public.

What got me in trouble was that I said those things out loud in front of children. One of whom gasped and ran away shouting, “mommy, mommy, that lady is bad.”

He might be a little bit sadistic, but Dorian doesn’t appreciate even a frustrated curse in front of little ones.

So when we got home… we discovered Trixie had thrown my olive oil onto the floor. It’s in a glass bottle. Or was…

As punishment Dorian made me clean it up while he sat and watched. He knows how uncomfortable that makes me, but not all discipline involves a paddle.

On the way back, I started falling asleep on the train. Dreaming of fragmented worlds. Of male MCs trying to bait me into choosing their world. It’s a little terrifying because I wake up in a mood and Dorian can see it in my eyes.

He takes great pleasure in tormenting me. When he’s done, he asks what they did and then takes more pleasure in explaining how he’d do it instead.

I think he likes that I’ve started writing erotica and romance.

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