Control Isn’t Just for Kinksters

Control is something that we all deal with every day. Manipulators always need to be in control, narcissists need the attention on them and draw it with control. Being out of control can send the most stable looking person flying off the handle. 

I am not a morning person. Dorian is.

That’s not to say that I don’t get moving in the mornings. I do. I’m just crabby, irritable, lippy, and sometimes my tone alone is enough to stop Dorian mid-sentence.

It’s something we’re still learning the boundaries of, and this is the first time we’ve spent multiple mornings together. Waking up in his arms is fabulous. Waking to him waking me is amazing. 

Having him stay up after I get out of bed… not so much.

Currently I’m sitting on a bus to get on a train to go to a Zoo. Dorian drives, I do not. While I would have been comfortable with him driving, he’s not so comfortable with taking so many long day trips in his old beat up car.

What, were you hoping my Sir drove a mustang or a sports car of some sort? 

He’s been joking about getting one as his next car to fill out his image. Luckily for me, he’s being sarcastic. 

So we’re taking buses and trains. They’re very clean, though, and comfortable.

What’s not comfortable for me is the couple who looks uncomfortable. Perhaps give her age, and the fact that the man told Dorian what that age was, she’s trying to make do with an old boyfriend. Looks like she needs to kick him to the curb. He’s loud, embarrassing her, questioning everything she says and…

He kind of smells like sulphur? 

Oh, a demon. I’ll have to write that down somewhere.

There are wafts of his aftershave coming over, like he’s trying to hide the sulphur with some kind of sexy smell but on him? On him it’s nothing more than a scent that is too strong. It doesn’t lend to anything on him, it wasn’t paired with his own musk. He probably picked it up because it had “dark” or “sex” in the name. 

Shoot. They’re on the train too. And going to the same place! Looks like we have suddenly because a foursome.

Which given Dorian’s look, I have to make certain I draw a line. The woman is pretty and seems annoyed by everything her male companion does. When he boasted about paying for everything, her eyes rolled and she repeated that she can pay for herself.

I think he’s tying to impress her and has obviously not done any research on the woman he’s trying to woo. He talks about a new game, she’s watching out the window with rapt attention. 

He wants control over someone but wants control under his terms. The thing with control is that they need to accept the control, which means that it has to suit the person you’re controlling. Just repeating things until they accept can work.

I’m getting the feeling it wouldn’t work on this woman. I get the feeling that if she was on the fence, which is how I’m guessing she got into this situation in the first place, she no longer is. It’s always a relief making that realization and coming to a decision.

But it’s uncomfortable making that decision  while in the middle of an event and having no way out of it. 

I’ll probably learn more throughout the day of this pair as he loudly announces something and she corrects him. Dorian is watching her the way he watches me when we’re out.

I’d be jealous, but I’ve seen him look at other women like that. It’s a similar look to Nolan’s evil plotting.

Except whatever ideas are running through Dorian’s head, are not evil. And I’m the subject of his thoughts, I’m the one who will… suffer… later on.

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