Dear Sirs, Please Make the Magic Rock Write Again…

The tablet goes unfixed not because I didn’t try, but because I went to a big brand tech place and was ignored. I’ll have to spend more of my time googling it. 

And filling out the customer service survey I was given for buying a keyboard. 

I’ve had a week where everyone keeps ignoring me. Like they’re all in that community mind that keeps people from running into one another and I’m trying to avoid getting stepped on, but they are drawn to my being out of place.  

Look, either I don’t exist or I do. But if I don’t exist, you shouldn’t all be trying to step on me! 

All five-foot-three, hundred and fifteen pounds of me is frustrated to the point of being bitterly pissed and looking to pick a fight.

Thankfully Dorian loves it when I get like this. He’ll calm me right down, and who knows? I might just be inspired.

There’s a heatwave over my area. Most of the time in the summer I am a content woman, it’s either just the right temperature or just a little warm. Now it’s hot, even for me. I think my poor brain’s been boiled into mush.

The plus side is that once the heat subsides, I have a new wireless keyboard for the laptop. Hopefully fewer mistakes thanks to unresponsive keys, which means better productivity. I tried for wired, as wireless sometimes gets stupid, but the sales people were talking to other customers at that time so I figured I’d make do.

Then I went to the tablet area and they finished and still ignored me. 

I kind of want to stick my head in a freezer. They keep claiming the heat will break tomorrow, but it never does. I just need it like three degrees cooler, and I’d be able to think. 

Just three more chapters to go. I’d be able to do it if I could use the tablet. 

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