When Life Gets in the Way

I didn’t get a second chapter done yesterday before bed. I did it this morning with just a little into the next chapter. Still several chapters to go and here I am, sitting and waiting for an appointment. 

I hate when life obligations get in the way of me getting stuff done. I’m motivated right now, but busy at the same time. Even with the tablet, I wouldn’t be able to do edits on Contract Renewed because the files have only ever been accessed on the laptop. Something about taking it in between computers makes the two processors fight over the file and corrupt it.

On the tablet I have Office, came with it, and cannot install other programs onto the tablet besides what’s in the store. 

On the laptop I have OpenOffice because I refuse to pay a subscription fee to Microsoft so that I can have access to something as basic as Word. I don’t use the other things, though I did dabble in Note for a bit when I first got my tablet. 

I just want to be able to write stories. 

Not even add pictures to them or graphs, just stories with fancy fonts for chapter headings and title page. The ability to add page numbers, and italic or bold items when I feel it’s necessary. 

Urgh, this is taking forever and I don’t want to have this appointment. 

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