Somehow on the drive down Dorian talked Mary’s friend into spending his last day with us. Mary included, of course. He also talked the friend into letting him pay for everything. Something about us being good hosts and us being such good friends.

The universe brought us together, and all that jazz.

Dorian is used to being in control and is a great deal better at keeping control. Yes, he can be manipulative when it comes to people he doesn’t care about. Which I suppose makes him a bit selfish.

We went to breakfast upon arrival and began exploring a bit. Mary declined to do anything scary, which is really most of the attractions.

Which probably had something to do with her friend teasing and then offering to hold her hand to get her through. 

Offering to protect her from the big scary world.

Mary’s not a damsel in distress, at least not usually. From what I’ve learned she was a D.i.D who got pissed off that her white knight wasn’t showing up, so she suited herself up. Her friend offering to save her constantly is a wound to her pride. He’s behaving as if a woman can’t function without a man.

Not a great thing to say to an ex-D.i.D. If he wanted to save her, he should have done so years ago, when they first met and she needed the help. Not now that she’s on her feet because of her hard work, heartbreak, and scars. 

I frigging love Mary. 

She’s physically taken on men three times her size (though she is a tiny woman) in order to protect those in her life. She moved to a new country by herself for opportunity and because she knew she needed to shed everything else if she wanted to survive. 

A woman like that, you don’t offer to save. You might offer to carry her burden for a while, but never save. She doesn’t need saving or a shoulder to cry on. 

I’m playing with character ideas, can you tell? Rachel is supposed to be an ex-D.i.D. This trip could work in my favor. 


After breakfast we did explore, as I had said before. When we got down to the Falls, Dorian quietly excused us and said we’d catch up to them. It’s not the first time he’s done that. Public play, out of sight but with the possibility of getting caught is definitely a turn on for him.

He took me off to the side. Some garden thing. This was my first time to the Falls so I don’t know the name. But there was a nice covered walk and in the back corner was a little pond that almost felt natural, almost like we were alone in the woods.

And he got down on his knee. 

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“Three years we’ve been dating on and off, I think it’s about time, don’t you?”

We haven’t had a fight in over a month. I got a little suspicious when he offered to spend the whole week with me, but I never thought he’d be that stupid. 

“Fuck you, Dorian. We’re not even-”

And he produced a ring that I knew. 

I knew it because he had once bought me a candle and the ring had been in the candle. One of those new popular candles with mainly fake jewelry in it. That ring had been too big for me on any of my fingers, but I had liked the colour.

“Go steady with me.”

“You bastard.” 

“I had you going though, didn’t I?”

No more breakups and makeups. We’ll be official as could be. He won’t just be my Sir, but my actual boyfriend.

Hey, in this day and age, who says you can’t have great sex and get spanked by someone for three years before you go steady? 

He’ll meet my family, I’ll meet his. And we’ll see where this goes. 

The ring had been resized. It now fits on my right middle finger. It may not be worth much, but it means the world to me.

Because it’s from Dorian.