Stressed Out

I may have broken my brain.

That’s what occurred to me when I got home last night, sat in front of my computer after I ate dinner and opened the valentines from work to retrieve a chocolate kiss. I wanted chocolate, popped it in my mouth, turned to look at the pet rock someone had given everyone for valentines day…

And started crying.

No specific reason for it, which makes it scarier, I suppose. It means I’m overwhelmed and stressed out. I’m at the end of my rope.

Stuff’s going on and I don’t know exactly how to take all the information I’m hearing. I’m missing job opportunities because I can’t speak French but I don’t have the time in my schedule to sit down and really learn. I can’t learn a language on my breaks while at school, while working. It winds up being too much.

The editing and writing I’ve done so long that it hardly phases my stress level somehow.

I have two weeks (14 days) to my week and a bit off, but now I’m worried because eating chocolate somehow made me cry.

Hi, brain, we need to talk.

Annnd the writing teacher just walked in and mentioned my books because someone told her they were here. In an excited, supportive way.

Excuse me while I melt into the floor and try not to bawl my eyes out.

I seriously need time off.

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