Week Five

I’ve decided not to push through on the novella. As much as I need that rush, it’s taxing on the body. So I will write a little and play a game for sure. Still watch movies and such.

Currently, I am on with Windows trying to fix my laptop, which claims it has a solid state drive and won’t let me defrag.

I could take it to a tech guy but they charge between 50 and 150 to defrag a computer last I heard and it’s a simple process.

If your computer recognizes that you have a hard drive. My computer is insisting I have a solid state drive. Now, if it were true it’d be freaking amazing (and explain why the laptop plays my game better that the desktop) but my device manager and the specs for the computer say I have a hard drive.

Way to get my hopes up, disc optimization.

I’m not getting any work done or playing a game, though I have a movie going. But it’s something that needs to get finished/fixed before it gets to slowing things down. I’ve noticed a little lag, which isn’t much but it’s noticeable to me.

The Windows chat operator isn’t offering to take over my computer like the last one I contacted. He or she seems determined not to help me. Tried to tell me I should take it back to who I purchased it from.

… where the hell is my receipt? Crap. It’s here somewhere because I am saving receipts that the student grants are paying for but I don’t remember where.

Plus side: if I go looking for the receipt I should stumble across the pair of jeans and the accounting book that are still missing.

They’re here somewhere. I don’t understand why I’m having such difficulty remembering where I put things.

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