Waiting for a Room

Waiting for a room to come free, or more precisely for our room to be cleaned, I can’t help but feel anxious over being in limbo. I want to do my things and settle in and maybe shower to wash the day of travel off of me.

Then to find one of those people with the trays and ask for a drink. 

Instead, I’m in limbo, on three hours of sleep, and no food or bathroom break for going on six hours. I could find a public restroom, I’m certain. But I don’t want to, I want my toilet, not another one used by a hundred strangers.

Me on little sleep turns into a selfish princess, but whatever. I’ll wait the half an hour for my room to come free before settling in properly.

I left my ring at home. Didn’t want to risk losing it, but now I’m missing it. 

Missing the Internet connection too. Contract Taken was approved for Smashword’s premium catalogue as I was about to board the plane. Shipped out to the major retailers today, while I was on the plane.

And I know, I’m small fish, nothing is going to happen and I’ll come back to the numbers at the exact same level they were before. 

As in nothing, no movement. Nothing had changed between this morning and now, like it hasn’t changed in days. I don’t need the Internet. 

Is what I keep telling myself.

It’s cloudy here. Full on overcast, windy, with water in the wind. I don’t like water in my face. It’s like getting sprayed in the face with a water bottle every time it happens.

I swear, I’m not going to complain the whole trip through. I’m just tired and in limbo, without my room. I need a bathroom, food, alcohol, and then to bed early and I’ll feel much better, more adventurous in the morning.

For now, I’m beyond tired. 

The couple across the aisle from Dorian and I were headed to the same resort. They talked to me a bit, about things that Dorian hadn’t mentioned. I guess it’s been a while since he has come down, so things had changed. 

But we did arrive safety and without problem.

We’ll, if we ignore the hundred and twenty-five pounds of cranky author going through Internet withdrawal. 

There are flaws in the wonderful system they have, but I think the resort expects people to gawk around. I’m not really a gawker or a hang around type of person on travel days. I’m a get it done and get in the room and glimpsing Dorian kind of person.

When I went to check on our bags, I almost knocked their lobby statue over! I was terrified ad Dorian laughed at me and put a hand on it to keep it steady.

Then we got lost going to find where the room was and you can hear people shouting in the halls and…

Ugh. I just need to go to sleep. Need my room to be ready, already!

Updated, because I can.

The room was being cleaned as we walked by, so I was a little pushy when I was told it probably wasn’t ready yet. Let them take their time, but I’m pretty certain that they’re done my room.

I got money exchanged and then we walked back up, running into the couple from the plane. They’re staying down the hall from us. Hey, at least we have friends, right?

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