So this weekend I want to take a break from the eight freaking weeks I’m behind. It’s stressing me out, and when I get stressed out, I stop writing. A weekend off is just what I need.

Except it’s not exactly off…

I will be working the weekend through on a new series, whose only title is Angels so far. The series title will come to me. The titles for each of the books has come to me, which is fabulous.

These books will be more along the lines of the Contracted series than of D.o.t.A or Wraith’s Rebellion. Meaning, more erotica, less adventure and such. While writing up the plot I got the base down and then stopped, looked at it and went, “how many places can I add sex without it seeming too much?”

The first book (His Grace) is an introduction to the Angelica brothers: Sam, Gabe, Ralph, and Mike. We start off with Grace at a bar, running into Gabe and er… getting to know one another… and then going from there through her introduction to Sam.

This is a world where the quickest, and least lethal, way of exorcising a demon or saving a soul from evil spells is having sex with them. Basically, sex is like the turning it off, then turning it back on again of the soul and Grace has an error on her hard drive that needs to be fixed.

Demons keep latching onto Grace’s mind and trying to locate her in a bustling city, it’s Sam’s job to figure out why the cute, innocent, young woman is being hunted by demons when she presents with none of the signs of a supernatural creature. She’s just a human who likes helping other humans. As far as demonic hosts go, she’s about as far as a human can be.

He was just supposed to save her soul, but the more time Sam spends with Grace, the more he thinks about her, craving the taste of her lips and the warmth of her skin under his fingertips.

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