When Your Mind Fails You 

I’m so tired, I can barely think. It’d be a good feeling, if only I could write like I want to.

My new MC is Maggy. A green eyed, brown haired beauty with pale skin who is a little bitter. I like her style, it’s not as Snarky as Rachel and Isabella. She’s more defensive than anything, quickly trying to defend even her own thoughts.

While that might get old fast, she’s not going to be able to keep on that thread long. 

Her pairing is a little confusing, but her story revolves around Zak.

This world has existed for probably sixteen years inside my head, so the back stories of most of the characters are already written, which is awesome. 

… on the way to work, I had a startling realization that made me choke on my coffee. 

According to stories that came previous, Zak is actually the oldest son of a king and was supposed to inherit his father’s world. Except the world is very, very traditional and Zak was a lot more… silly. So like every good, honorable prince, he ran away and hid his identity from his new friends.

Possibly because once they found a new home, his daddy was the driving force behind the attacks that started happening to try and claim the land.

Every time I try for a regular guy… 

Meh, prince-in-hiding, billionaire, and sadist are much more interesting. 

Not that Zak is scheduled to take over from his father. The worlds balance one another out. His home world always has to be traditional. Suppose if the balance was offset everyone would start bickering and war mongering and generally trying to “kill it with fire” when it came to anything new and strange.

His being a prince might not even make it into the story. 

I’m not sure what the plot is here, but I know what happens so that’s what I’m going to write. And I’m going to keep writing until someone kidnaps someone else or maims them. Maybe even a little explosion.

Hell, they’re being difficult, let’s unleash some crazy villains to make an example of them.

The other books for the world centre around a couple of different things. In one, a nightmare world is discovered. Maybe I’ll have Zak eaten then. 

But for now, I’ve got these two people who are living their lives and then they intersect. Just my brain isn’t working so well in figuring out the rest.

I need sleep. And food, if my stomach rumbling is any indication.

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