September’s Book

So I’m going to ask my readers’ help deciding what story I will write in September. I may have to overlap with Rachel’s Story due to health issues, but with the tablet up and running, I can do it. I still have time to finish Rachel’s Story, I think.

I have quite a few stories I could write and for starters can’t decide on my own. Secondly, there has been more than once where I had a bunch of possibilities before me and it turned out they weren’t as good of an idea as I thought they were.

If you’d like to ‘vote’ for the story you’d like to see, here are a few rules.

  1. This is for published stories. I’m looking at those readers of the Two Lovers who are probably, understandably, going to vote for Home. If you don’t vote for Home, you’ll still be able to get it in a few months. I just want to be clear in that you don’t have to vote for Home to get it at any point, there is still a plan for it, but if you’d like to see it written, edited, then published, vote for it. All others will be written, probably, and are only going to be published. (Published in this case means self-published in ebook form, or pay-to-read format)
  2. To vote, you need to make a comment. Either here or on Facebook. Even emailing me is acceptable. You just have to let me know and I need to be able to tell that no one is manipulating votes.
  3. Really want that story published? You can get a second vote for any story of your choice by publically sharing the Facebook post announcing this. The only reason it has to be publically shared is because otherwise I can’t tell it’s been done. Facebook is funny like that. I’d settle for a retweet of the story you’d like over on Twitter where they’ve all been tweeted about, by me.
  4. If you vote and would like a copy of the finished (unedited) story you can receive a pdf copy. Again, you just need to let me know. If your story isn’t selected and you still want a copy? Let me know! The plan is to have the pdfs out to you, the reader, by October 15th, baring any sort of new medical condition, flying bats, or ending of the world.
  5. Now to the stories: head over to the ‘Books’ page. There are a list of stories there. Anything but Contracted is up for er… grabs. The Excerpts for each are linked below the small blurb.

2 thoughts on “September’s Book

  1. The site is looking a little weird on mobile, so I’m a bit unsure where to answer, so hoping this is the right place? I really really REALLY want to read Home – I’m an old follower of the two lovers universe (like from the middle of Partners) and almost can’t wait to dive in to this next chapter of the world. But, and this is an important but, the little prologue of Prototype really got my attention, and it got me on the inch of my seat and very disappointed that it wasn’t several hundred pages long.. So Prototype is the one that’s gets my vote, simply because I can’t wait to read it. If this isn’t the chosen one, I’ll manage, I love everything you write, but crossing fingers. (And fan girl moment over) would love a copy of any story you choose, when times come.
    Lots of love from Denmark


    1. I just need you to email me the address and I will add it to my list. The email to use is DeAniege

      I plan to use a pdf file, so I just have to ask if you have a way to open the file. I think most people can, but I’m not great with computers.


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