Health …Shit.

Getting over the sinus infection finally. I got home last night and found a bat.

Fucker bit me.

So I’m about to be vaccinated not only for rabbies but for tetanus. Vaccines are… ok. Doctors freak me out. Anxiety and crying because I feel like they’re going to hurt me. 

Dorian isn’t picking up. Pick up Dorian. 

Apparently I should have gone to emergency instead of the walk in because at least there they could have just given me everything.

The doctor isn’t helping matters. Lots of pain he says from the needles.

… like… are you using barbed needles? 

I wish, I wish, I was home instead of here. But rabies isn’t something you fuck about with. You contract it, you’re dead. 

So I’m sitting here, frustrated and annoyed as I wait. And wait… feck and wait some more. 

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