On Reactions 

Poor Mary. 

She showed up with a bright red nose and bags under her eyes. I thought she had been crying, but no. She’s developed a stuffed up nose and headache overnight. She says it’s an allergic reaction to his cologne, which he isn’t wearing today because she asked him not to and blamed it for her nose.

Dorian shook his head and told me to watch them. Her friend won’t let her sit with me, because they’re supposed to be spending time together. But anytime they go apart, suddenly Mary can breathe fine.

She’s not allergic to him. She’s having a psychosomatic reaction to his presence.

Which supposedly Dorian only knew because he had seen the same reaction in me when dealing with my father. Even if the man calls, I start sniffing, which actually has relatively little to do with the fact he almost always makes me cry.

So we’re headed to the falls together. Mary didn’t tell him we were coming. As far as he knows it’s just a weird coincidence that we showed up. Thankfully she texted me that bit of information before we met up. 

Her friend came out with, “well, the sea air will be good for you,” as we were boarding the bus. Cue three people stiffening and turning to him. Then Dorian made a sound like a cough and turned his back on us to ask the driver when he was leaving. 

Dorian went for a smoke, but I saw him giggling as he did so.

“What?” Mary asked.

“Sea air is good for breathing.”

“We’re nowhere near a coast!”

“The falls are salt water.”

“We’re nowhere near a coast. The only inland salt water in Canada is the St. Lawerence river.”

“Oh? You learn something new every day.” 

To which they both looked at me.

“Saltwater inland is kind of a big deal. I only really know of the St. Lawrence and the Dead Sea… maybe. That might not be inland. But as one who creates worlds, I do make a small effort to know how the real world works.”

“Aya…” Dorian called from the smoking area, because he heard the tone of my voice even if he couldn’t make out the words.

I muttered a curse and left the forlorn couple to go accept my first warning. But I could do with a distraction, might take my mind off the dreams I keep having that involve Nolan.

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