The Tech Problem

My tablet is working on and off. What it really is, is the plug in. I’ve got a Surface 2 and Microsoft decided that a little magnetic latch on thing with four dibbles that push into the charger head itself. There’s a shelf type of thing that these dibbles push back behind and one of my dibbles is caught behind that shelf.

Why must you complicate things? The more moving parts, the more likely it is to be damaged.

I’ve never messed with this charger, I’ve been very gentle with it. Mainly because I saw those dibbles and knew it could be a problem.

So I can’t charge my tablet.

The next one is going to be simpler to charge. Preferably with a little plug like what my phone, kindle, and mp3 player all use. It has a name, but I can’t recall it off the top of my head.

Then there’s the laptop problem.

I can write upwards of million words a year. I kept track of it one year. Not including emails, blogs, chats, social media updates and all the rest.

I’m very prolific.

So my laptop is four years old. In January the backspace button popped off. Yeah. I have to hit the little knob that once was the backspace button. The ctrl buttons work on and off, and somehow the spacebar still works. For now.

The problem with tech, therefore, is that without it, we can’t really write in the modern age. I couldn’t write as quickly as I do because my hand can’t write as fast as it can type. Let’s face it, I’ve never seen someone who can write sixty words a minute legibly. My head also works faster than my typing or my writing so by the time I’m finished typing, I typically have the next thing lined up and ready to go.

This all leads into what I use these items for. The tablet is for writing on the go and at work. While at work is when I really want to write (on my breaks, of course) but without the table there, I don’t get anything done.

By the time I come home I’m stuck in the mud because I couldn’t write all day, so I don’t get editing done.

At any time both of these machines could fail and I’d be unable to access my stories until I bought new ones. Which aren’t exactly cheap, especially for someone who just started working full-time.

Cue Beth saying, “If you start the pre-order you’d have more money. Sure, not for six months but that could be the bit that chooses between a netbook second-hand, or a full laptop brand new.”

I have a birthday coming up, I’d ask for money and then pool whatever I got to put that towards a second-hand laptop, but Canada Post is on lock down or strike or something. No cards or gifts or anything for me this year. Unless they miraculously come to an agreement but given the length of the whole thing that’s probably not going to happen.

Beth thinks I’m making excuses. She thinks I’ve got cold feet about sending my baby out into the world because the bad reviews will kill my ego.

Not because Beth assumes my book is bad. It’s a borderline erotica and it kept her attention. She’s actually a pickier reader than I am.

Every book gets bad reviews, that’s the nature of the beast. If a book has nothing but five-star reviews, it’s… it’s suspicious.

Would I want nothing but good reviews?


But Beth’s received a few ‘meh’ reviews, nothing really disastrously rage filled and nasty, and her ego took a blow.

I suppose at the end of it all, this sums up to: Need new tech to keep writing, afraid to start the pre-launch of Contract Taken.

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