Editor’s Block

I’m not editing or writing. It’s taking a really long time to get anything out or to get motivated for writing. Today I visited Beth and she showed me how to Google myself.

I know, I know, how did I not know how to Google myself? Well, the how is pretty obvious, but it never occurred to me to do that before.

Beth found one of her books on Ebay, then all kinds of links that she didn’t know about. Including a tweet she hadn’t realized had been posted at her. Then she handed me her laptop and told me to do the same for myself.

Fun… I exist online, whoo! Except the first thing that popped up was my blog, which I haven’t updated in forever. That got me a cuff upside the head.

To which I cuffed Beth back because she hasn’t updated in longer.

The third link down was my Goodreads page, which has only attached to 36 books I’ve read because I couldn’t recall the others. I stopped, bit my bottom lip and basically moaned.

When was the last time I read a book?

When was the last time I read a good book?

I need to get a good book. I’d like some Romance with a twist of fantasy. None of that bear or wolf pack stuff either. Some good, honest fantasy without vampires (any variation of that spelling) but plenty of smut.

Or I could pick up the novel of a big time traditional author. Maybe reading a book or two will get me back on the editing and rewriting the last book. Something I desperately need to do.

Contract Taken and Contract Broken are almost completed for editing. I’m trying to go through the first edit for Contract Renewed but it takes a lot of re-writing because I skipped out on an important thing so I have to flush it all out and fix it all. Which is fine, the re-writes will make it so much more … interesting.

If only I could get motivated. I don’t know, maybe I’m kidding myself with the editing them all as one and I should put up the first for pre-order and keep working on the last one. Should I do that?

Beth keeps telling me to shut up and do that. Dorian just looks at me the way he does and then the writing gets put off for a while longer.

Suppose if I’m going to do the pre-order and all, I’ll have to contact my cover artist and ask her very nicely to get the covers done. Then however long it takes her to complete the covers is however long it takes and that’s just more time for me to beat my head on a wall about this re-write.

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