Growing Pains

I’ve never Googled myself.

Today I watched Beth do just that, Google herself. Well, her pen name anyhow. All sorts of links came up and she shrugged at most of them. It’s all her books, or her ratings coming up. A few surprised her.

As I sat there gawking at her screen.

So while I sat there, Beth typed in my pen name and I audibly gasped.

“What’s that?” I cried out.

“Your ‘About me’ page on WordPress. You must have set it up, with that bio you made.”

“I did no such thing, I have no pages, it makes everything left justified and unbalanced.”

“Uh, WordPress pre-populates a couple of things. That must be what they’re talking about because… this is your blog, isn’t it?”

“Son of a—”

So I spent some time on Beth’s laptop filling things out as she explained over my shoulder. I’m not great with html, Beth is capable. Though I suspect she’s more than just capable and is being humble about it. I’m mildly capable, she was able to program four different sites (simple though they may have been).

I wanted to place excerpts on the blog for different books. That’s something I’ve seen authors do, and so far I’ve done a great deal of talking about writing, but provided nothing.

Beth suggested I not point out that it hasn’t been edited yet, but I think it’s only fair. She did figure out how to attach the excerpts to the page while not showing it all on the page itself. That ends up blocky and nasty looking. A wall of text, really.

I’m still not certain they count as erotica. If you remove the sex, does the story still work? No. But that doesn’t necessarily mean erotica. There’s some line, I’m sure, for erotica and I’ve yet to be able to find out where it is.

Anyhow, at the end of this all, I just wanted to ask that you bear with me as I go through some growing pains. Adjusting things here and there.

Finally got my “author pic” on the blog and now I hate it. Absolutely hate it, so I’m looking for something else now. Something to make do until I can get a hat.

I’m going to be writing something like erotica and still need to work a day job to pay my bills. My face cannot be in the author picture. Suppose I could get a fan instead. A fan might work, but I think I prefer a hat.

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