Beth has no family to spend any holiday with. She tends to spend them alone, or if there is someone it’s her on-again, off-again boyfriend. In this case it’s not necessarily that she has a past, so much as that her family are really far away.

I’m not invited to my own family’s Easter this year (now, I’ve never said they were perfect) because I don’t have children and last year I grumbled about the commercialization. Watching my nieces and nephews basically lose their minds because they aren’t getting as many presents as at Christmas, doesn’t make me want to go to Easter anyhow.

It was my sister who tried to have me banned, it was my mother who delivered me a ham—one large enough to feed a family—and a bit of candy, then suggested I stay home.

This ham is big enough to feed me for a month.

Anyhow, I’m currently at Beth’s while she gets ready for work, grumbling the whole way. We are doing dinner here at her place, where I know Beth is more comfortable. Staying home, even if I’m having the dinner, for a holiday just feels wrong.

We’ll start tonight with buns, tomorrow morning I’ll make breakfast and we’ll make a day of it. Dorian might be stopping by after his family dinner lets out. Beth’s boyfriend is probably going to show up four hours late and drunk.

Beth, and part of why she is grumbling, hates holidays. She’s not a Grinch about everything, more like afraid it’ll bite her. There are expectations for holidays, including conversation with co-workers about family. It makes her very uncomfortable because no one likes to hear what she has to say about family, which is honest and actually tempered by time.

Oh, and you can’t work on holidays. At least not when with family, you can’t write or edit or have a dazed sort of look as your characters act out that really important scene you’ve been trying to figure out. No, you have to sit there and interact with your family.

Even if they’re on their new ipads, ignoring you.

Our dinner will be a little different. Beth will be allowed to write—obviously—and I’ll bring over my tablet to do some work myself. We’ll have timers set for everything so that nothing burns and we’ll do a sit in for writing, I think that’s what they’re called.

And while Beth is at work today I’ll clean her apartment. Of course I’ll do some work as well, pop by my apartment to check on Trixie.

It’ll be fun.

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