Taking Time For Yourself

I’m currently at Beth’s, on her computer, as she eats an omelette I made her. She’s a good cook, but her idea of breakfast is waiting for lunch.

I’m at Beth’s because her last day off was sometime in January when her cat passed away. She also told me to make certain I take days off because everyone burns out. Then, of course, kept working because things need doing.

So here I sit, on her computer, as she slows eating the omelette and realizes I’ve been typing away on the computer. I’m going to tell her that I’m just doing a blog post while she eats, true enough.

When she’s done eating, I’m going to shut down the laptop and take the battery with me.

Don’t worry, everything is saved, everything is backed up. I shut down her computer once without saving first. That was a little scary.

Our cellphones are already off. Hers because she’s off her day job (I need to get one of those) and mine because I’m avoiding Dorian.

Today will involve nothing more stressful than watching a movie, playing a game, or going for a walk—Not that either of us consider writing to be stressful—and whatever I can get into Twitter before she finishes eating.

Thankfully, she’s making coffee as well. Beth inhales my breakfast offerings faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. Claims she doesn’t like breakfast, but will eat if I cook it.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the last book of my trilogy for me and editing for her.

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