There are many worlds. These, however, are the ones I plan on self-publishing. I have no intention of limiting myself to heterosexual stories, I’ve always just followed the most interesting characters and intend to keep doing that. With that in mind, please pick and choose the couples you like best.

Contracted :

Contract Taken Publication date October 19, 2016. Available on Amazon here.

Contract Broken Publication date November 16, 2016. Available on Amazon here.

Contract Renewed Publication date December 6, 2016. Available on Amazon here.

This will be a trilogy series following Isabella Martin and Nathaniel Edwards some two hundred years into the future as she takes a contract with him, as well as leaping into the past. This is a classic rich-meets-poor. Well, maybe…

Tags: M/F, Romance, Erotica (?), BDSM, dystopia, M/M suggested

Excerpt here.


Daughters of the Alphas:

Masked Intentions Publication date January 25, 2017. Available on Amazon here.

Excerpt coming.


Wraith’s Rebellion:

At Death’s Door publication date April 1st 2017. Available on Amazon here.

Vampires. They come out to the public in modern times claiming that they can’t keep up with technology any longer. Unable to stay hidden, they choose to take matters into their own hands. Upon coming out, they agree to forty interviews between vampires and carefully selected interviewees.

Helen goes in expecting some fluffy, guilt laden story filled with woe-is-me moments and a conflicted conscience about eating mortals. She expected some well researched history with bad acting, because she wasn’t expecting an actual vampire.

Within moments of meeting Quintillus, her illusions are shattered. He’s not conflicted and his story is riddled with holes. But he takes her on a night long adventure that is more than she bargained for.

Angels (working series title)

His Grace

In a world of demons and angels, the fate of the world lies in balance. Long ago, the angels of the Lord each made a mistake. Their mistakes cost the mortal world a great deal. They were cast out of Heaven for their sins and cannot return until they right the mistakes they made. For centuries they have safe guarded humans from demonic possession, maintaining a careful balance between darkness and light while searching for their answers.

Excerpt here.

Blood Bound (Working title)

This is a planned trilogy. Evalynne Mageson is part of a minority that is projected to be dead after her generation—mages. Her world has been built around keeping her and others like her alive long enough to discover the key to breeding more mages. Her magic and her strength come from being strong and wild, she’s refused every guardian, man, and suggestion her patron city has made.

Enter Caleb.

Tags: M/F, Romance, BDSM (light), Fantasy

Excerpt here.


Prototype (working title)

This is a series based on one-off books for different … er… ‘partners.’

Fourteen years ago, two worlds locked together since time immemorial discovered they had been linked to a third. The one responsible was a teenager, brash, stupid, emotional and with all the angst and temper one expects from a damaged soul. No one took her seriously, they tried to take her world.

But she stood firm, she fought her wars and picked her battles, showing at every turn that she was a creature to be reckoned with… even if she swore like a sailor, didn’t quite know how to walk like a lady, and succumbed to the charms of one of the men who claimed to have been made by her.

Now the world has claimed independence, is setting up governing bodies, taxes, public services, all the things a world requires to be seen as independent. Only one problem though:

The other two worlds have been stealing people who the woman created, hiding them away in order to harness the powers that the woman gifted them to protect her world. Now she knows.

And she wants them back.

Excerpt here.



M/M, D/s, romance

This is a story set in a universe I’ve written many stories for, though this is probably the first science fiction based story I’d be writing.

Lel comes from a people who have interstellar travel, they believe in gods, psychic powers, magic, and even that they can become gods. Each person born has their soul weighed and they are given a number and designation to go along with their name. Lel’s is Lel 3-100,000. He has been born three times, with a hundred thousand years passing between each birth.

He is an old soul who carries a power unlike any the priests have encountered before. With a bit of genetic material Lel can experience memories or even fantasies of the donor. This power has been used against him many times. So many times that Lel avoids crowds and races in general. Prefering solitude aboard his ship that shouldn’t fly, hiding from family that he only occasionally recalls that he has.

The day he took on a mysterious passenger who called himself Milton was the day Lel’s life changed.

If only Milton’s designation wasn’t: 1-0.

Excerpt here.



This is a science fiction world, with the possibility of more stories, but is at the moment a single story.

Having destroyed the Earth’s biosphere, humans retreated to domed cities, to live as the world’s toxicity levels lowered enough for natural life to be reinstated. Within the domes, each person is assigned a rank based on how useful they are to the Dome, and how they have helped cure the world. Money means little, genetics can mean a great deal. Intelligence even more so.

In Dome, 23Eve is picked up by the genetic company. She expected they wanted to breed her as they had her aunt, seeking to bring out specific genetics in order to create a super-intelligent, very useful person they way they had with her cousin, N10Harold.

What they actually wanted was beyond her wildest dreams.

Excerpt here.